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Click on the links below to access MAAO online resources. Please note: some resources are available to members only. Not a Member?

Massachusetts Department of Revenue Helpful Resources

Helpful resources and links from the Department of Revenue (if you have suggestions please send to Please see attached files.


MAAO Forum (you will need to be a member of the MAAO and it is a separate log in):


MAAOs Neworum:  link to Forum 

What Assessors Do Promotional Material

The MAAO has developed several items to help local officials understand what we do and the importance of our position.


There are two one-page handouts that explain the Role of the Assessor and what the MAAO is all about.


There is also a very good PowerPoint presentation that explains the workings of the Assessor’s Office and a short five minute video that is available to be downloaded for any municipality that would like to make it available to anyone to help them understand the role we play in municipal government.

Go to the links below to view and download the various presentations.

COVID-19 Related Items

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Covid-19_Order_No._30-_Essential_Services_-_As.pdf PDF (90.85 KB) Administration 4/28/2020
MemotoRegistrys4.23.20.pdf PDF (68.23 KB) Administration 4/28/2020
SJC_Order__OE-144__200427.pdf PDF (313.92 KB) Administration 4/28/2020
ATB_Standing_Order_re_Electronic_Signatures-4..pdf PDF (82.01 KB) Administration 4/28/2020
Massachusetts_Deed_Indexing_Standards_2018_-_A.pdf PDF (143.1 KB) Administration 4/28/2020
S2622.pdf PDF (175.33 KB) Administration 4/15/2020
BUL-2020-3.pdf PDF (144.16 KB) Administration 4/15/2020
AGO_Guidance_re_Muni_Authority__200415.pdf PDF (172.96 KB) Administration 4/15/2020
DLS_FAQs_Sections_10_and_11_of_Chapter_53__200.pdf PDF (217.33 KB) Administration 4/15/2020
BUL-2020-2_.pdf PDF (345.8 KB) Administration 4/15/2020

DOR Helpful Information

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Links and files of helpful information from the Massachusetts DOR
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
DOR YouTube Site Link  more ] Administration 4/30/2020
MassGIS Helpful Resources Link  more ] Administration 11/13/2019
Massachusetts County Map PDF (524.93 KB)  more ] Administration 11/5/2019
DOR's Learn about Property Taxes Link  more ] Administration 11/4/2019
DOR's Guide Massachusetts Property Taxes Link  more ] Administration 11/4/2019
A Guide to Financial Management for Town Officials Link Administration 7/28/2019
DOR -New Officials Finance Forum Link Administration 7/28/2019
Local Officials Directory Link Administration 7/16/2019
Template_for_reporting_New_Growth.pdf PDF (568.08 KB) Administration 7/11/2019
Growth_Reporting_Template.xlsx XLSX (105.77 KB) Administration 7/11/2019

Helpful Links

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Helpful Links to other organizations
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
IAAO Link Administration 7/12/2019
Appraisal Foundation Link Administration 7/12/2019
Appraisal Institute Link Administration 7/12/2019
MBREA Link Administration 7/12/2019

Important Notices

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
ATB Operation Notice 3.24.2020 PDF (74.44 KB) Administration 3/24/2020

MAAO Information & Resources

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Information regarding the MAAO and the Assessor
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
MAAO Past Presidents PDF (18.93 KB) Administration 4/28/2020
Assessors Calendar PDF (184.39 KB)  more ] Administration 9/19/2019
MAAO W-9 PDF (66.12 KB) Administration 7/28/2019
MAAO Past Presidents List PDF (19.38 KB)  more ] Administration 8/22/2019
FY2019 MAAO Annual Report 6.18.2019 PDF (541.02 KB)  more ] Administration 8/14/2019
Assessment_Behind_the_Curtain.pdf PDF (1.47 MB) Administration 5/22/2019
The_Role_of_the_Assessor.pdf PDF (143.57 KB) Administration 8/24/2020
MAAO-Who_We_Are.pdf PDF (143.69 KB) Administration 5/22/2019
The Problem Solvers: How Assessors Make Local Gov Link  more ] Administration 5/22/2019